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Double click 'Services and Applications ' 3. Double click 'Services" 4. If the 'Service Status' is 'Stopped", click 'Start' which for me it was on start 5. Set the 'Startup type' to 'Automatic' which for me it was not. I went into services. I restarted it for good measure. WDP did commit the changes to the hdd.

Windows XP - Bacis TCP/IP Settings

If all is proverbially 'kosher' after the reboot and reinstate "steady state" and see if the freeze holds the settings. Where are you working on this workstation? In the sense of, where it's usually when the problem occurs? Or in a separate workspace? Is it possible, the cable feeding the macine if by DHCP or the particualr port on the switch if the cable is good has gone bad?

I am running only one cable, to the ethernet port on the motherboard. I am now post-reboot after running netsh. I have not yet gone to the mfg. Thank you, I had not considered that the cable or horrors the port on the switch may have gone bad. Currently, as I said, I am running the workstation on my workbench. Yes, this is in a completely different part of the building from where it usually "lives". NIC Driver s up to date? It should be set on your primary adapter. If it still happens after that then id be looking at the DHCP server.

One thing though, are you running a PXE server?

I have a older Dell server that gives me a fit when setting it to PXE boot when there isn't one setup, it will boot to windows but will not pull an IP. Booted the computer up, and immediately I am back to the original problem with the incomplete network settings and no Internet, no antivirus, no access to the local file server. So, I went in to our closet where the network switches live, traced that particular one and moved the cable for that workstation to a different hub.

Consumers - Windows 8: TCP/IP configuration

Bingo, I'm back on the network, all is well. So now, I am thinking it is a problem with the hub. The port on that particular hub has gone bad by all appearances. For that last one, it will tell me that it cannot connect to the socket, want to know what the settings are, and then be ok until sometime later. I will help those remember and then they go out again after not very long. Sometimes as soon as the next reboot. So you know what I will be doing next week, tracing lines and testing to see if our hubs are dying.

I did find one more on the one I tested.

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I still have two more to test, hope to do so tomorrow early or Monday. The funny thing is, I would have expected all the ports to go bad together, but that is not the case Would this be normal?

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The one I've been writing about so far is SMC, 16 ports, and I can't get a read on the model number because it's about 7 feet off the ground bolted to the wall facing front-towards-the-ceiling. From the inventory sheet the sn is T, a donated item we were given in no idea but suspect that means used.

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I have another SMC switch even higher up the wall 24 ports, and a 3Com Baseline switch model 24 ports below that. Also from an inventory sheet the second SMC switch 24 ports sn T, was also donated in There was no inventory sheet on the 3Com switch, but judging from the property sticker number I estimate we acquired it sometime between and Now I am asking myself: what is "normal" life-span for switches? Any thoughts on this are so very appreciated. This means computers, printers, servers, switches, firewalls, all hardware.

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I still have a 3Com SuperStack 3 I use primarily in my office. From reading through other posts and your responses, it sounds like either a bad NIC or a bad cable. To continue this discussion, please ask a new question. Heavy email load impacting Cloud Help Desk:.


Spiceworks Help Desk. The help desk software for IT. Track users' IT needs, easily, and with only the features you need. Get answers from your peers along with millions of IT pros who visit Spiceworks. Hi, I am stumped. So, thank you if you can shed any light on this. Federal Government Solutions to modernize federal agencies and empower workforces. Partners Custom solutions designed to meet the needs of an ever-changing customer network.

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I want to: Fix a Problem Set up or Install. A number may be displayed after the Local Area Connection. If more than one connection is displayed, locate the one that corresponds to the network card that is connected to the Verizon VM gateway.

where to find tcp ip settings Where to find tcp ip settings
where to find tcp ip settings Where to find tcp ip settings
where to find tcp ip settings Where to find tcp ip settings
where to find tcp ip settings Where to find tcp ip settings
where to find tcp ip settings Where to find tcp ip settings

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