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Most facilities will not inform you of your applications status, usually they leave it entirely up to the inmate to let you know if you were approved or denied so you must be in constant contact with them. If you are denied visitation most states have a process of appealing the decision, however the appeal must be filed within a certain time frame. After your approval you will want to check a schedule of the visitation hours.

What Are the Steps in Hiring Corrections Officers?

We provide the visiting hours for many of the institutions on our site, just search for the facilities name, or select the state the inmate is located in from our homepage. You may still want to call and double check the hours, and make sure visitation has not been canceled for any reason, as visiting hours can change or be canceled at anytime and without notice. A correctional facility may cancel visiting if the facility goes on lockdown, if an inmate has escaped, or for any other reason the facility deems necessary.

Also if an inmate is in solitary, or 'the hole', their visiting privilege becomes suspended. Once you know the visiting hours, and have planned which day you will be going on you will need to make sure you have the proper identification with you. All department of corrections vary slightly in what kinds of identification they will accept, but in general a valid state issued photo ID or photo drivers license will suffice for the exact requirements navigate to the specific facilities page on our site.

Usually if they are over a certain age around 14 they need to have a school issued photo ID or birth certificate to accompany you to visitation. Minors are never allowed to go alone to visitation, and must always be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Small children or babies may still need to have their birth certificate to gain entry but usually they are more relaxed in the requirements, they are NOT however, lax about the behavior of children, and if you fail to control your child or keep their behavior in line you can be removed from the visiting area altogether.

If you are visiting an institution you should be aware that all facilities have a dress code. Staff will reject you from visiting if you violate the dress code, here are the general rules:. Some of these rules are obviously up to the interpretation of the guard on duty, and they make the final decision on what is allowed to be worn.

You should arrive to visitation a few minutes early, sometimes as early as minutes so that you can fill out more paperwork. Do not arrive any earlier as you will get into trouble. Upon your arrival to the facility parking lot, you can expect to be searched. This means your car and everything in it can be searched by staff, and sometimes even canine units dogs. Most facilities are now tobacco free, meaning you cannot even bring cigarettes with you to visitation you can however leave them in your car. If you refuse to be searched you will be banned from visiting.

Florida Department of Corrections Hiring Process (Opinions)

Strip searches are rarely required though, so do not let this deter you from visiting. Some institutions have used ion scanners, which actually pick up on small particles of drugs being present. This really differs from one facility to another, as some facilities will have lockers you can rent for about a quarter that you can store your belongings in, others do not.

In terms of employment of correctional officers by state, Florida ranks at No. With over 33, correctional officers in the state, Florida is one of the biggest employers in this field in the entire country. The first step is to go to the State of Florida website and apply for the position of the Correctional officer.

Applications for this position are accepted on a continuous basis. After you have applied online, you will receive a confirmation email from the Florida Department of Corrections. After the online application is submitted, you will be emailed a Willingness Questionnaire and a Florida Department of Corrections Supplemental Application.

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These will be emailed the day after you have submitted your initial application. Check your spam and junk folders periodically in case the emails go there.

Truthfulness and thoroughness will be required when filling in the willingness questionnaire and the supplemental application. All the information provided by you will be checked for accuracy during the background investigation. You can be eliminated in the selection process if you deliberately omit important information from you application. Upon completion of the first two stages, the background screening will begin. You should be able to pass the physical test; this is taken by a certified advanced registered nurse, physician assistant or a licensed physician.

You will also need to pass the character check, which is part of the background screening. You can be disqualified on the basis of many factors if they are discovered during this stage. You will be notified through email when you pass the background check. The test is based on a multiple choice question format. Most training schools offer FBAT and its results are valid for 4 years.

You need to complete this test before entering the basic recruit training program. This will be a hour training program. The Federal Department of Corrections has a number of training facilities throughout Florida.

Florida State Prison Hiring Event
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