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Conducting pre-employment background checks help you do that. To ensure you hire the best job candidates possible, use a pre-employment screening service. Every type of business can benefit from using a pre-employment screening service, though the specific features a business needs may differ, depending on the business, the industry it is in, etc. Background screening companies offer services like basic criminal background checks many services, however, can conduct in-depth criminal history searches , health and drug screenings; Social Security number traces; identity, employment, and education verification; and credit reporting.

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When looking for an employee background screening service, there are numerous factors to consider, including how easy it is to order and review background checks, whether the provider offers the type of screening your business needs, and if it abides by the Fair Credit Reporting Act. We evaluated more than companies before arriving at our picks of the top background check companies for small businesses. You can read more about our best picks, why we selected them, the types of businesses we think they are best for and how much you can expect to pay. Fill out the below questionnaire to have our vendor partners contact you about your needs.

The cost of conducting a background check varies greatly, depending on the provider you select and the screenings you want conducted. Some background check companies display pricing online; however, many do not, in which case, you'll need to contact a sales representative for a price quote.

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Some background check providers offer preset packages with specific screenings included Social Security trace, criminal history searches , whereas others offer a la carte options so you can select the screenings you want conducted. Most of the services we evaluated offer multiple screening packages; there are different tiers to choose from, typically ranging from basic to premium. The specific price and the services included in each plan will vary based on the provider you choose. Based on our research, we've compiled an average of the types of checks typically included in basic, midtier and premium plans and the average costs for those plans.

There often isn't much room for negotiation with the price of a service's a la carte options, but there may be wiggle room in other areas.

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To ensure you get the best deal possible from a full-service firm, here are five areas where you might save some money:. Ask the provider if you need to sign a contract. If so, review everything in detail.

Make sure it includes all the details you agreed to and doesn't contain any additional charges. Also check whether the contract has any special clauses pertaining to canceling the service. Are you committed to a certain number of checks? What happens if you don't conduct them all? Can you walk away at any time? These are all questions you want answered before hiring an employee background check service.

Conducting employee background checks as part of the hiring process has become commonplace for most employers today. If your business has never used a background check service, here are a few compelling reasons why you might want to employ one. Research shows that employers have good reason to screen potential new hires. Employers today have several options when it comes to what they can screen job candidates for.

Important Considerations

Other screenings and services that background check companies offer include:. The best background check firms offer a comprehensive array of screening options to help you hire the best employees. When conducting screenings, many firms go beyond an online database search. For example, when conducting criminal background checks, they might follow up with county courthouses to inspect onsite records. In the end, most employers believe implementing some type of background check into their hiring process paid positive dividends. For example, not all of the services we evaluated handle drug screenings.

If this is a screening you need, several services will automatically be eliminated from your list. The FCRA outlines how employee background checks must be conducted, including obtaining the job candidate's consent to conduct a background check, as well as an opportunity to review and rebut what was discovered.

Do you know what’s in your applicant’s background?

Some agencies do not adhere to FCRA laws. Businesses that use these services are taking a big risk by opening themselves up to a potential lawsuit. This accreditation is given to many of the top consumer reporting agencies CRAs that abide by strict professional standards. The urgency of how soon you need the results of your screenings will factor into which agency you choose. Some sites allow you to search and view results instantly, while others may take between one and five days to give you the results.

If you can wait a few days before making a hiring decision, you may receive more comprehensive screening results. It is important that you get the exact reports you need from a background check service. As you evaluate agencies, some only offer preset packages; other services offer specific packages but allow you to customize the plan for the screenings you need. If you know which screenings and tests you want done, ask the agency you're considering using if they will be flexible with their pricing and accommodate your request.

One last consideration is that while some services offer a variety of screenings, e.

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To find the best background check providers for small businesses, we began with an initial list of companies. Tweets by iCriminalChecks. Criminal Background Checks for Employment Screening.

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At InstantCriminalChecks. We work with all different types of organizations as well as individuals in order to provide them with the information they need to feel secure about making important employment decisions, such as hiring an employee or choosing a caretaker.

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We are known in the background check industry as one of the top providers of quick, reliable and accurate criminal check information from all across the country. The criminal background checks are done electronically online, providing our customers with their results only seconds after they place an order. Our top priority is providing our customers an easy way to order the most accurate data in the shortest amount of time. As an employment background check provider, we work with business owners, HR staff, employment managers, healthcare staff, and non-profit organizations.

criminal background checks best online sites Criminal background checks best online sites
criminal background checks best online sites Criminal background checks best online sites
criminal background checks best online sites Criminal background checks best online sites
criminal background checks best online sites Criminal background checks best online sites
criminal background checks best online sites Criminal background checks best online sites
criminal background checks best online sites Criminal background checks best online sites
criminal background checks best online sites Criminal background checks best online sites
criminal background checks best online sites Criminal background checks best online sites

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