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Icebreaker Questions for Adults
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This listening-based icebreaker can be a bit of a challenge for beginning students. So keep it for intermediate to advanced students or tailor your questions to the language level of your students. Before playing, label the corners of your room one through four. Then ask get-to-know-you questions. For example, ask about their favorite sports, their favorite movie genres, their favorite animals, etc.

Dog 2. Cat 3. Fish 4. Not only does this help students get to know one another, it also lets them see what they have in common with other students in your class. This super fun speaking activity takes some preparation on your part, but your students will love it.

62 Ice Breaker Ideas for a More Engaged Event

Not only that, you can tailor it to work with any level of student depending on the icebreaker questions you choose. Tape an icebreaker question on the outside of the container. Put a small item inside each container. If you want to have pairs of students working together, put the same item in each of two canisters.

If you want groups of three, then put the same item inside each of three containers. Good items to put inside the canisters include pennies, cotton balls, popcorn kernels, erasers, etc. To play, give each student a random canister. Tell students not to look in their container but to shake it instead. By limiting students to the sound of their item and permitting them to listen only to their own canister, students will have to describe what they hear to find their match , which will give them good speaking practice. The other members of the group should also answer each question.

To maximize the effectiveness of this activity, make sure the like items all have different questions on the outside of the container. Or keep it simple and put a different question on each canister. And you can change things up whenever you want by putting new questions on the outside of each canister or changing the items that are inside. You may never have wanted to try speed dating, but your students will definitely love this icebreaker twist on it.

To prepare for the activity, have your class divide into two groups and form two circles in the middle of the room, one inside the other so each person is facing one partner. Ask an icebreaker question to the class and give students a chance to answer. Students should now be facing a new partner. Call out another icebreaker question and give students a minute to answer before rotating again. Keep going in this manner until you run out of time or until students are back facing their first partner.

In this intermediate level icebreaker , students will talk with one another to try and guess where their classmates have been and would like to go. Give each student two pushpins or straight pins to put on the map. Once all the pushpins are in place, the class tries to decide who placed each pushpin on the map. Challenge your advanced students with this activity by requiring them to give reasons for their guesses. For example:.

Did you ever make a cootie catcher as a kid? And your intermediate and advanced students will have fun making their own for this writing and speaking activity modified from The Spruce. Have students follow the directions linked above to make a paper cootie catcher. Create a 3 x 3 grid for each participant and have them fill in each block with a different personal passion randomly. After the individual work, have everyone walk around the room and compare notes. When they find the same passion listed in both grids, ask them to sign for each other in the appropriate square.

You can continue the game to have as many winners as you possibly can. This game is a great way for players to introduce themselves and their colleagues. Since you have to draw, rather than explain, it serves double duty for topics like problem-solving, creative thinking and innovation. Jenga is the starting point of many fun gatherings. You can spice up a regular tower-toppling contest by writing intriguing questions on each block or as many as you can. This can ignite exciting conversations about everyday topics like favourite downtime activities to more in depth stuff, like career and self development goals.

This is a quick game where players have to form an orderly line without any discussion, or any verbal cues or help at all.

25 Best Ice Breaker Games For Adults – Fun activities your team will enjoy!

The tasks can get more complicated the more familiar the group is. This exercise helps develop team collaboration and non-verbal communication. In the short group challenge, participants must organize themselves in a line according to a certain criteria like height without speaking. The activity promotes non-verbal communication and teamwork. Simpler versions of the activity can be used in early stages of group development while more complex versions can be used to challenge more established groups.

The Science of Event Experience Design

This fast paced icebreaker activity allows participants to get acquainted with each other in a meaningful way. Prepare about a quarter more quotes than the number of participants on individual slips of paper. Put the pile in the center of the room.

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Each participant picks up one quote, then picks a partner and begins to discuss what the quote says to them, if it is meaningful, and how. This can continue for rounds for around 15 minutes. Prior to the workshop the facilitator prepares a list of questions which can only be answered with yes or no. The facilitator reads out the questions or statements one by one.

7 Fresh ESL Icebreakers to Help Students Get to Know One Another | FluentU English Educator Blog

For each statement the participants stand up if they could answer the statement with yes. The questions should be designed to not be discriminatory, intimidating or insulting. Possible topics can be countries visited, dishes, games or sports tried, movies seen etc. The goal of this game is to have a succession of very rapid conversations in an extremely short amount of time with as many people as possible. Determine the time limit say 3 minutes for each conversation and set a timer. Each time the buzzer goes off, the pair has to split and find a new partner, again looking for people they know the least.

The key icebreaker is a team building favorite and a great exercise to get to know each other in a group or team. Ask the participants to sit in a circle and bring their keys with them. Explain that they will get to know each other through their keys. Ask them that one by one present all the keys they have on their keychain and tell a few sentences about the area the key represents — the city or neighbourhood they live in, the activity it represents bike or locker key or the person they received it from.

Usually the facilitator starts the circle so the participants get the feeling how it should be done. Break the ice with the help of your key! The key ice breaker is a team building favorite and a great exercise to get to know each other in a group or team.

It is easy to understand and set up, can be modified according to the objects participants have, fast way to get info on each other , and surely makes everyone included! Start by writing your funniest or weirdest story on a small piece of paper.

How to Use These 8 Icebreakers to Warm Up Any Meeting

It has to be a true one, no colouring! Then fold the paper up and drop it into a bowl or other container. Starting a meeting by defining your personality in a playful manner is a great starter if there are multiple new members to the group or if two or more departments come together on a new project.

Prepare word pairs, like salt and pepper, milk and honey, sail and wind etc on separate pieces of paper.

adult icebreaker activities find someone who Adult icebreaker activities find someone who
adult icebreaker activities find someone who Adult icebreaker activities find someone who
adult icebreaker activities find someone who Adult icebreaker activities find someone who
adult icebreaker activities find someone who Adult icebreaker activities find someone who
adult icebreaker activities find someone who Adult icebreaker activities find someone who
adult icebreaker activities find someone who Adult icebreaker activities find someone who

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