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Of course, the main ingredient behind any of his classic hits is that wistful vocal delivery that can bring you to your knees in an instant. So, here are fifteen of the top Vince Gill song performances over the years that showcase his once-in-a-lifetime talent. A Grammy-winning performance for Gill from the summer of , this stands as one of his more tender performances, with the singer taking on the role of a man who realizes that the gap between him and his partner is more wide than he had ever imagined. Nobody has mastered the art of the heartbreak ballad with any more poise and passion than Vince Gill, and this number one was evidence of how downright beautiful it can sound to have your world falling down around you.

While he has the way with a ballad, the singer can turn up the tempo with the best of them.

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In this Vince Gill song, the singer is pleading with his wife for another chance to stay with her in spite of his carousing. A line in the song was partially inspired by the story of George Jones driving his lawn mower to the bar during a fight with ex-wife Tammy Wynette. Jones had fun with that distinction, appearing in the video passing Gill and his golfing buddies -- on a riding lawn mower! On paper, this hit sounds like just your average love song. But, the inspiration for the song came from one of the most tragic news stories in Nashville of the mid s.

Look at Us

In October of , twelve-year old Adriane Dickerson was murdered in a Nashville supermarket parking lot. After almost a decade of recording in Nashville, Vince Gill found himself atop the Country charts for the first time in with this heartfelt performance from the standpoint of a man who knew he was taking his significant other for granted, and wanted the chance to make it up to her.

Gill began writing this song not long after the passing of Keith Whitley. The song only hit No.

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Making the song even more special were the pristine harmonies from Ricky Skaggs and Patty Loveless. So, it was telling that his first single from his second MCA Nashville album was this masterfully-written track about the risk a man can take when he ventures outside the boundaries of a relationship.

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The song definitely channeled his Bluegrass roots in a way that proved that Gill could handle any kind of style -- and still can twenty-five years later. The song also represented a career rebirth of sorts for co-writer Bill Anderson , who kicked off a new phase of his career with his contribution to the song. Well, maybe it wasn't "sold out," but when the venue opened its doors at p. It was Hee-Haw for the new millennium.

Lovett, the quirky Texan, slender and in a suit sat beside Gill, the Oklahoman, in flannel and jeans. And Lovett, he of the funnier songs, found himself the straight man to Gill's comedic giant.

Vince Gill - "Look At Us"

Lovett began the two hour and twenty minute set with his "I've Been to Memphis," a tune which includes the line "I've been to Memphis, and Muscle Shoals. And I love a woman, What I don't know," an Alabama reference met with cheers. It's probably not there anymore It's not!

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But it's good to be back tonight. I feel like you left me hanging. It became a callback for the remainder of the evening, as Gill seemingly without intent, but likely so, mentioned playing music for 33 years later in the evening and was met with recalled laughter. That was the night. A flawless balance of Lovett's straight man to Gill's elaborate stories; impeccable timing of finding segue from melancholy to humor.

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  7. Gill setup "Look at Us" by sharing its origin: a song that he had written with Max D. Barnes, the man that had written "Chiseled in Stone" for Vern Gosdin. Except 'Old Shep. It was a song that Gill's father would sing to him as a child when Gill refused to sleep, begging to hear another song. Gill would retreat to his bedroom upon hearing his father's opening chords.

    He wrote 'Chiseled in Stone.

    Vince Gill Lyrics

    But Barnes encouraged him to changed the ending of "Look at Us. Barnes convinced Gill to rewrite the ending, and it became one of the latter's biggest hits. And as he finished the song, Lovett awaited applause to calm before interjecting, "Thirty-three years, huh?

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