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And then the email verification tool tells you if the email address is real or not. Email Checker actually connects to the mail server over SMTP and simulates sending a message and checks whether the mailbox exists or not. In some cases, the result of this email verification process might not be so accurate because some mail servers do not co-operate in the process of analysis. For people who are familiar with computer networking, pinging represents a crucial tool for understanding problems with the connection.

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And this is the similarities stop point. After all, this operation email validation is over and the program gives you a rating of this email address. Despite the rise of content marketing, social media, and new advertorial avenues, email marketing is still one of the most effective methods of finding employees or reaching customers. Email verification service is used by different companies for these reasons to check their database to be sure that all the email addresses in it still exist.

The main users are:. Private individuals; So, you can use email address checker due to the fact of bounce rate reduction and workload during your next marketing campaign.

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In general, Application Programming Interface - is a programming interface or an application creation interface. If we speak in a more accessible language, the API is ready-made code to simplify the life of the programmers. The API was created so that the programmers could actually facilitate the task of writing a particular application through the use of ready-made code for example, functions. This is nothing new that the most efficient way to share service is to start with an API. Using simple API calls integrated the main requests on Email Checker can be made everywhere you need.

A lot of businesses have already integrated Email Checker's API to find and verify professional email addresses. With our email verification API, you can be sure of cleanness both new addresses and your existing database at all times. Thanks to it you'll improve your sender reputation. And keep lines of communication open. This helps you deliver more of your important emails to the inbox.

Benefits are clear for people who prefer to simplify their work and raise their efficiency. Look below to find all the main benefits of using our Email address validation tool. Where do you get the data for verification? We always try to do our best to improve the database. We use different public sources, system search, social networks, and open databases like Gravatar, LinkedIn, GitHub for the time being.

Can Email Checker check a whole database for me? In the near future, you will have the ability to check email addresses for free.

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  4. The demo version of this feature is developing now and will be added soon. But, of course, you can buy premium plans for email list verification and API. What social networks do you use for validation? Email address checker uses social networks like Google, Gravatar, LinkedIn and others which are in open access. What is your difference from the competitors? The major difference from our competitors is that we provide manual moderation for our clients and not only use the automatic search and validation. So, we use all power of social networks and search engines, for more in-depth validation.

    Basically, a trial version is a version of the program, distributed free of charge for an evaluation of the quality of the software by the user and usually only works for a certain time usually one month. This software is classified as trialware.

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    So, we suggest you the trial version without binding the card 10 checks, if you bind a card - checks. Do you check phone numbers? Yes, we are testing a beta version of our phones base validation at the moment.

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    But it also is available in manual mode. In order to check the phone base contact support. Do you record any email addresses? The answer is NO. We respect your privacy and do our best to protect data used by this tool. Check if Email is Valid Are you in a leads group or a call center? How does email validator work? Main steps to test if an email is valid or not: Check whether the address exists or not: Otionally checker receive the input file.

    Then API checks validation. Email Checker How often have you been in a situation when an e-mail that you sent to a friend, relative or a business partner, does not reach them? Definition of an email address checker There is the vastness of e-mail checkers online that will help you know whether the email address you are holding is correct or not.

    Why one wants to test email You want to know the correctness of the address not only for personal reasons. Whatever the reason why you need to send e-mails is, it is good to know in most cases where you are sending your letters. Sometimes, it is vital to know in order to dramatically cut down your expenses for an ad campaign.

    How to Find Anyone's Email Address ( Free tool included )

    What are the benefits of using an email validation tool? Lower bounce rate.

    Free email address with every domain or unlimited addresses for £2 per month.

    Though it is hard to have reliable figures in every business segment, more than half of marketers tell that their marketing campaigns would have been more efficient if they had a verified email database. Keeping your database up-to-date. Checking emails at times will help you keep up the relevance of your database avoid sending emails into the void. In the end — saving time, efforts, and money of everyone who contributes to the process of e-mailing in your company.

    How an email examiner works technically There is a process of how the e-mail checkers usually work: The DNS service is applied to ping the email server in order to find out if it is alive in the first place. When there is reach, manual connection to it occurs.

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    Then a sequence of technical commands is sent to the server and then received back, with the information about the protocol, MX, the existence of the specified email and so on. If the server returns any information at all — it means, that if there is no response or it responses the same to all requests, the obtained information is unreliable unless there is other strong evidence of the existence of the checked email.

    Based on the results of that exchange, the e-mail checker forms the user report indicating the results.

    Additional information is often checked along the way, which bulkiness may depend on a specific checker. The second one will likely to be marked as the unreliable or bad. You have to read the FAQ section of each specific site to find out this information.

    How to do Reverse Email Search

    Is there a batch check? Most Internet sites that verify email addresses are free to use but they may be limited to a number of free checks in a given period of time. However, some email verification services provide a number of paid options, amongst which can be a batch check, while the others do not have a batch action at all.

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