What does a warranty deed look like

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How is a Property Deed Different from Property Title?

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How Do I Get a Copy of My Warranty Deed or Deed of Trust for My Home?

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Warranty Deed FAQ - United States

Understanding General Warranty Deeds A general warranty deed transfers real property from the buyer to the seller with the guarantee that the seller holds clear, unencumbered legal title to the property. A general warranty deed must include the following to be valid: The name and address of the seller called the grantor The name and address of the buyer called the grantee A legal description of the property found on the previous deed A statement that the grantor is transferring the property to the grantee A statement that the grantor is the legal owner of the property and has the right to transfer it A statement that there are no legal claims against the property by creditors A guarantee by the grantor that if claims do emerge, they will compensate the buyer A general warranty deed is not a contract of sale—it does not include a price for the property or include any transfer of funds.

General Warranty Deeds vs. Other Deeds A general warranty deed is unique because it guarantees that there are no outstanding claims against the property and it includes a promise to compensate the grantee if any emerge. This is very different from other types of deeds: Quitclaim deed.

A quitclaim deed transfers only the ownership rights the grantor has in the property and provides no promises that the property is free of claims against it.

Types of Property Deeds for Successful Land Investing in — Compass Land USA

Special warranty deed. In a special warranty deed, the grantor only promises that no claims have made been against the property during the period of their ownership, and makes no guarantee about any time period before that. This is also sometimes called a limited warranty deed. Using a General Warranty Deed To transfer property using a general warranty deed, it is important to first obtain the form that is used in the state where the property is located. Ready to start your General Warranty Deed? Related Articles.

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    What is a Warranty Deed?

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    what does a warranty deed look like What does a warranty deed look like
    what does a warranty deed look like What does a warranty deed look like
    what does a warranty deed look like What does a warranty deed look like
    what does a warranty deed look like What does a warranty deed look like
    what does a warranty deed look like What does a warranty deed look like

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