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Alimony may be required to help a spouse earn more or get a job, possibly assisting a spouse to return to school to increase his or her earning capacity. This is called rehabilitative alimony. Finally, the court may allow one spouse to pay money over time to make up for an imbalance in property division. This is called alimony in solido , or lump sum alimony. There are no set formulas to determine whether, how much, or for how long a spouse will receive alimony. However, Tennessee law expresses a preference for alimony to be temporary and rehabilitative.

If alimony is not received at the time of the divorce, it cannot be obtained later. John and Mary have been married five years. Near the beginning, Mary quit school so John could become a dentist. After finishing dental school, John found a new love and filed for divorce.

Because the marriage was of short duration, a court must try to put the parties back in the position they were in before the marriage. Obviously, John has benefited from Mary's sacrifice. A court might award Mary rehabilitative alimony for a reasonable time, say three to five years, to help her complete her college education.

In fact, temporary rehabilitative alimony must be awarded if rehabilitating the disadvantaged spouse is feasible. Steve and Jenny have been married for twenty-five years and are getting divorced. Jenny started and owns an accounting firm earning well into the six figures.

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Steve teaches music at the local high school and was the primary caregiver for the children, now grown. It may not be feasible for Steve to start over by going back to school.

Tennessee Alimony Court Considerations Table

A court might award Steve alimony in futuro. Steve will receive a check for the rest of his life, unless he remarries or circumstances otherwise change. Here's an example: Brad and Susan are both stock brokers who make about the same income and have no children. Unfortunately, neither have enough cash to pay the other for his or her share of the equity. If Susan accepts this type of alimony, she cannot petition the court to increase the amount after the divorce.

These types of alimony aren't mutually exclusive; in some circumstances, it might be appropriate for a court to award more than one kind.

Rehabilitative Alimony

Moving over miles away can have a serious impact on a custody and visitation schedule. For example, this can result in changing schools. All of the move-away factors are taken into consideration when determining if the children are permitted to move. Filing a petition for modification does not have to be a difficult and lengthy process. Contact our firm today to schedule a consultation to review what options are available for you.

After a divorce is finalized in Tennessee, either party can file for a modification or termination of an alimony order. Several factors are taken into consideration when determining if a modification or termination request is justified. Generally, a modification request will require a change in circumstance that warrants the request. Tennessee law requires a showing of a substantial and material change in circumstance in order to grant a modification request.

This generally means that it could not have been a known change at the time of the divorce order. There is no way to determine how much an alimony order will change ahead of a hearing. Generally, factors like the earning capacity, obligation, needs, and resources of both parties are taken into consideration. These and other factors are generally used when determining the amount of alimony awarded during the divorce hearing. Child support modification requests can happen at any time after a divorce, so long as certain circumstances are present.

Parents often have questions about the child support modification process and the requirements for filing. Some of the most common questions are:. After a divorce decree is issued, either party can file for a request to modify the child support order in their case. In order to qualify for a modification in the amount ordered, either party must prove a significant variance in their earnings.

A change in income is generally the cause of most modification requests.

Frequently Asked Questions About Family Law in Tennessee

However, there are other circumstances that can warrant a modification request. If a child is now attending daycare or a private school, the custodial parent often requests a modification to order the parent paying child support to cover half of these expenses. Additionally, parents that do not comply with their custody schedule can be liable for an increased amount of child support.

When a child support order is determined, it takes into consideration the amount of time a child spends with each parent. If there is a change in the amount of time, it can result in one parent paying more to raise the child. Child support modifications are not retroactive. Typically, the order amount is set for the date in which the modification petition was filed. Thanks guys. Keep up the good work! We cannot say enough good things about the Turner Law Offices.

Their professional and personal assistance in our child custody matter has literally changed the life of our kids. Rob and his associates provide ongoing legal expertise in and out of the courtroom. They've been with us in mediation and litigation and continue to fight for what's best for our kids. If you want to feel like you've got not only a highly competent attorney but a friend, Rob Turner is your man. Highly satisfied client. The professionalism was far better than I had hoped. The Attorneys at Turner went above and beyond to help me through my legal Problem. Franklin, TN. I want to thank you again for your representation in my case.

You did an amazing job, and I truly appreciate all of your support. Rob has always been accommodating to my schedule, knows his stuff, and his practice associates are always friendly and professional! Turner has invested a lot of time and energy into our case. We appreciate his effort and courtesy! I am the mother of [your client] and I want you to know that you guys did a great job yesterday in my daughter's trial.

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I am so proud of you guys and the job you did. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Clarksville, TN. Everyone has been very professional, inquisitive and empathetic.

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Thank You very much for all you have done thus far. My attorney was polite and professional on time for court and my result was better than I had hoped for. I wanted to say Thank You for taking the time to meet with me last week. I was impressed with your knowledge and professionalism. I look forward to seeing you in Court; I'm not going to lay down and let her kick me. The whole team went above and beyond. If you're looking for sincere commitment, Turner's your best bet. Thank you for helping our family in a time of great need. It was a situation filled with anxiety and unknowns, but because of you, we survived.

Thank you for working with us! They got me in the same day I called.

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They're helpful and polite. They understand my situation and explained what happens next.

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In term I could understand. I just wanted to tell you that Joseph Tutro has done an outstanding job helping me with my case. Thank You. O, White House, TN.

Find out how alimony (spousal support) is awarded and calculated in Tennessee.

I think he did a great job in court! When the judge seemed indecisive, Rob was quick on his feet and made a great point to the judge who then swiftly ruled in my favor for that day. The well being of my children is of highest priority to me. I will have only one opportunity for to raise them well. Rob is helping make sure I get that opportunity.

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