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No opt outs availible. Called saying I had a credited gift from survey's. They weren't very specific to my questions. They got all my info except my card..

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Why must people steal to get by; Pitiful. Got a call last night but never answered it.. I don't know anyone from California. Still wondering about the call I checked it this morning. I am glad I didn't answer now!! I wish people would get real jobs instead of trying to rip people off!! Because he is doing fake payment with paypal and steal people. Keeps calling my phone number asking for my husband. It's Santander, but the car loan we have with them is not past due.

Will not speak to me, says they can only speak to husband. Hopefully this is a posed picture and it really didn t take 5 of them to coil that last 10 feet of cable! This job consisted of two separate 5kv pulls of over feet that feed the Emergency Cooling Water Pumps. These safety related cables had two entirely different routes through safety related manholes, different divisional and radiological areas, and finally ending up in the Control Complex.

Rich Goodmanson, who supervised this project, commented that he met with a wide variety of skepticism regarding an outside contractors ability to do a project on this secured site. He was proud to say that the job was completed without incident, on time, and under budget thanks to the excellent work ethic and cooperation of his crew. Excellent job Brothers!

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Check out Romney s. Stance on the issues Stance on organized labor If Romney were to win this election there would be a tidal wave of momentum within the Republican party, and more importantly the Ohio Republican party, championing Right to Work legislation. We can not let this happen! In the summer Kenny spends a lot of time at his cabin in Canada trying to see how fast he can go in his aristocraft boat.

The accompanying photo tells the story, what a beauty!

Kenny also buys and repairs old boat motors. He is always on the prowl for a new find. In the fall Ken battles the leaves daily and begins preparing to head south for his part time home in Florida. During the day you might find Ken out scuba diving and in the evening he might be having a couple cold ones.

If he is not doing any of the above he may just be out enjoying the sights on his Harley Davidson. Tip of the hat to a great union brother! Don t forget to vote. God bless America and the Unions that built her! Sam, who is a trustee on our health care program, has been the person that Danny has been in contact with to try to resolve some of the issues we have with our program. Hopefully Sam will recover soon and we will be able to proceed with addressing these issues. This amount results in an increase of 3. The current nationwide average of plan increases has been between 8 and 10 percent annually.

October Page Steve said that everything went perfect: he recognized the symptoms early, the rescue squad arrived quickly, and he was treated at the hospital as soon as he arrived. Steve had two stints inserted into his arteries and is now resting comfortably at home. Steve said he is up and around and getting back to normal. Brother Chuck Furmage spent time in the hospital recently for a number of problems.

Chucks condition became quite serious as one issue affected another and his health deteriorated. They were able to stabilize him and finally Chuck was released to do some rehabilitation and is now back home. As soon as Chuck regains his strength he will return to the hospital for some follow up surgery. Best wishes Chuck! Brother John Watkins has been out for quite some time with a blood disorder that they believe is related to his sugar levels.

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He said he struggles with balance and any endurance. He had an episode a few months back where he lost consciousness and fell breaking a bone in his shoulder. He has since had surgery to insert a plate in his shoulder. He is currently undergoing physical therapy and testing to resolve his blood issues. Our thoughts are with you John! In Memory Our deepest sympathies and prayers go out to the family of Ken Gambatese on the passing of his father Ken Sr.. Ken s father was also the brother of retired member Tony Gambatese Sr.

We also want to acknowledge the passing of retired member Bill Johnson s father Tom. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

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Thanks to their effort the general contractor met with us to discuss our issues with this job. Terry Wyse Andi Lufi Tony Suhadolnik Salee Sellers Thanks also to the members who volunteered to distribute political literature for our labor friendly candidates. They were able to hear first hand how important we are to the candidates. We especially want to thank Ken for taking on such a large undertaking.

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As you begin to plan for retirement this is a valuable tool to assess your situation; just give us a call. Thanks to brother Ron Giangiacomo for tinkering with the programming and getting it up and running. He would be glad to talk to anyone about how to get out. Definitely stay on Lorain they tell us work is coming up. Toledo is putting out book 2 brothers while many continue to sit on their book waiting for the Jeep plant. They have been getting deep into their day book with decent duration hits.

Wheeling believes they will have work coming up with the gas industry. Canton also has some work coming up. Don t throw out your old cell phones. Dan Ziemak collects these phones and has them refurbished and then they are donated to our troops. Please drop them off at the hall. Thanks Dan! We also want to thank Danny for serving as a precinct member in Mentor.

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A couple of quick tips from Jim Howard of our safety committee. There must be a means of egress on excavations deeper than 4 feet. Workers must be protected from tools or excavated materials that could fall on them. These materials must be kept at least 2 feet from the edge of the excavation. Work Safe! We continue to find signatory contractors who do not check in. Communications We are continually trying to make it easier for our members to keep up with what is happening in our local.

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We are updating our website, we have added bulk s and started a newsletter. Coming soon you will be able to visit us on Facebook and just recently we began tweeting on twitter. We are currently on a pace to do over , man hours which is up from our previous two years. We have a long way to go but we are headed in the right direction. October The End. Cloudy and cold. On Saturday morning.

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