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This Act was amended in to include elderly and disabled persons. The Idaho State Police ISP , Bureau of Criminal Identification BCI , has established a program pursuant to the NCPA to permit qualified entities to submit fingerprint cards on employees and volunteers to receive state and federal criminal history information, in order to promote a broader exchange of criminal history information for purposes of assisting entities that provide care, treatment, education, training, instruction, supervision or recreation to children, the elderly or individuals with disabilities.

The repository is an automated database of records based on arrests reported to BCI from Idaho criminal justice agencies.

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The mission of this NCPA program is to protect: Children any unmarried person under 18 years of age, who has not been emancipated by order of the court ; The elderly a person who is 60 years of age or older ; Individuals with disabilities persons with a mental or physical impairment who require assistance to perform one or more daily living tasks. Complete a Qualified Entity Application to BCI explaining what functions the organization performs that serves children, elderly, or disabled persons.

Review and sign the NCPA User Agreement that sets forth the terms and conditions under which criminal history background checks authorized by the NCPA of , as amended, shall be conducted. Submit a completed applicant fingerprint card supplied by the BCI. The social security number is requested but not required. Please see above for information on fingerprinting services.

The fingerprint card will be given back to the applicant to take back to the requesting entity. The requesting entity is responsible for submitting the fingerprint s to our Bureau for processing. Ensure that each employee completes and signs copy of the Waiver Agreement and Statement form.

Applicant Background Checks

This form can be downloaded from our website, or the BCI will mail a copy of the Waiver and Statement form to the qualified entity. Each subject of a background check must sign this form. The signed Waiver Agreement and Statement allows the release of the state and national criminal history information to the qualified entity. For other payment methods, please call Qualified entities will be billed for processed transactions on a monthly basis.

If you have billing questions, please call A notification that the individual as described on the fingerprint card does not have a criminal history record; or 2. Upon receipt of a background check report lacking disposition data, the requesting entity may conduct research in whatever State and local record keeping systems are available in order to obtain complete data.

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This does not include mail time. The BCI endeavors to process Idaho and FBI criminal history checks within business days of receipt, excluding holidays and mail time, as long as the request is appropriate. The request may be hand delivered or mailed to the BCI.

Please keep in mind, the BCI does not telephone, email or fax results. Delays in the process will occur if fingerprint card s received do not have all the required data, payment, or are rejected by the FBI because of poor image quality. The BCI will return the fingerprint card s to the requesting authorized entity along with a form explaining the reason for the rejection.

If the first fingerprint card submission is rejected because of poor image quality, fingers out of sequence or missing notations on amputations, etc. The entity will need to send in a new set of fingerprints, along with the attached rejected fingerprint card and The BCI Civil Applicant Response form. There is no charge for the reprint. If the reprint rejects, the submission of a third fingerprint card will be treated like a first time submission, and the fee will apply.

BCI will automatically process a FBI name-based check after a second time rejection and mail the results to the requesting entity. The requesting entity will need to make the determination whether to accept the FBI name check results in lieu of a third fingerprint submission. If you have questions please call Eileen Allen at or Dessi Blagoeva at or Melissa Torres at In the Fall of , the National Crime Prevention and Privacy Compact Council approved a motion for the FBI CJIS Division staff to create documents for agencies to inform civil applicants of their rights to challenge, update or correct their criminal history records.

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The applicant should be given a copy of the form if requested. The documented is provided below. Agencies will need to insert their agency name and download the form. We accept electronic civil fingerprint card submissions from agencies authorized to submit fingerprint cards for criminal history nationwide checks. If your agency would like to begin submitting electronic fingerprint cards, please contact:.

Record Checks

Eileen Allen eileen. Yes, under the provisions set out in Idaho Code the public may access Idaho criminal history information. Are juvenile criminal histories available? Juvenile records are not included in the Idaho database. However, if a juvenile was adjudicated as an adult, the record of that event would be available.

What is criminal history information? The criminal history contains information based arrest data reported to BCI from Idaho criminal justice agencies.

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If an arrest fingerprint card is not submitted, the information on an arrest will not be present on an Idaho criminal history. In some instances, a record of arrest may be found at the local level, but not within the state criminal history. What if the record has charges that do not belong to me? All arrest events in the Idaho database are supported by fingerprints. If a person disputes the accuracy of the information obtained in a background check, the person may request a certified copy of his or her record by following the instructions in the Fingerprint Based Check.

When challenging a record, the fingerprint based check is processed free of charge. After reviewing the record the individual may supply supplemental information from the arresting agency or court. All information provided will be reviewed and entered into the record if needed. Can a local law enforcement agency do a statewide criminal records check for the public? You must use a credit card to pay online. In-person, you can pay with cash, debit card or credit card Visa, MasterCard. Before you apply online, make sure the organization requesting the record check will accept an electronic copy of the results.

The online criminal record check process is convenient and easy:.

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You can apply in-person for a criminal record check Monday to Friday between a. You must present two pieces of identification with your current address. The address must be within Halifax, Dartmouth, or the communities extending from Bedford to the Sambro Loop. Accepted identification includes:. The results of your criminal record check will be shared with you and then you can decide whether you want to share it with the organization requesting the check. A criminal record check simply verifies whether or not you have a criminal record.

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A vulnerable sector check is a special type of criminal record check required for situations where you will be in a position of trust or authority over children, the elderly, the disabled, or another vulnerable group. A vulnerable sector check involves a name-based search of the national repository of criminal convictions, a search of locally held convictions at Halifax Regional Police and a query of the pardoned sex-offender database.

Preemployment Screening for Criminology and Criminal Justice Jobs

In some cases, you may be required to submit your fingerprints if there is a match based on either your name or a combination of your gender and date of birth to a pardoned sex offender record. Applicants with a potential match will be contacted by Halifax Regional Police and asked to come to Police Headquarters to have their fingerprints taken electronically. You can have your fingerprints taken Monday to Friday between a.

How police do background searches
How police do background searches
How police do background searches
How police do background searches
How police do background searches
How police do background searches
How police do background searches
How police do background searches

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