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Zip codes were not used until , and the location assigned to a zip code is based on U. Postal Service assignment of localities to a given zip code. This may not be the town where the person actually lived, nor where final benefits were sent.

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For example, a zip code of results in two Missouri town names-Chesterfield, and Town and Country. Do not be fooled into thinking the zip code or locality of last residence is where the person died. They may have last resided in Patterson, Missouri, but actually died in a hospital in Memphis, Tennessee. In that case, you would never find a death certificate in Missouri. Having told you all the pitfalls to watch out for, I will say that you can still find many valuable clues in the SSDI. Let's start with who is not in the SSDI.

Everyone who received a Social Security number or paid withholding tax is not in the database. My grandmother, who paid withholding taxes most of her life, looked forward to collecting benefits upon retirement at age 60 in Her death was not reported to the Social Security Administration by anyone. Everyone who received Social Security benefits is not in the database.

A young man died in , leaving a pregnant wife. The child received Social Security benefits based on her father's benefits until she was eighteen years old. Yet no record of her father exists in the SSDI.

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Because his death was not reported to the Social Security Administration. He was 26 years old when he died, so there was no reason to notify the SSA. A survivor may have requested death benefits from the SSA. A family member may have notified the SSA to stop benefits to the deceased. A funeral home may have notified the SSA as a service to the family. When does this index begin? The SSA began to use a computer database in About 98 percent of the people in the SSDI died after , although a few deaths do date back as far as This version offers one feature that others do not -- it reports foreign death residences.

In addition, several software companies include the SSDI as part of their deluxe programs, or offer it for sale separately. Be selective as you use different versions of searchable SSDI databases. Try all of them and decide for yourself which is the most flexible, offering you the option to search by first name only, along with birth date, to try to find those females whose married names you don't know. Use them to find out what happened to your great uncle, you have no idea when he died or where his family went.

Search by his name and birth date, and see if a record reveals a location of last residence or location where his benefits were sent. When you find a person in the SSDI, you will glean a few facts that you may not have known. Take it one step beyond these facts to learn more. You know a birth date, and the state where the original Social Security card was issued, or at least where it was mailed to the applicant. Look for a birth certificate or census record in that state.

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The SS-5, Application for Social Security Account Number, contains the following information: Social Security number, full name including women's maiden names , address at time of application, employer and employer's address pre applications only , age at last birthday, date and place of birth, parents' full names including mother's maiden name , sex, color, and whether the applicant had previously applied for Social Security or Railroad Retirement.

It also contains the application date and the applicant's actual signature.

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Wouldn't you like to have this information about the person you are researching? Be sure to include the person's Social Security number, full name including maiden name and name at death , sex, date and place of birth, date of death, and parents' names. Include the following statement: "Microprint required - Printout not sufficient. Green St.

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Box , Baltimore, MD Now you know who is really in the Social Security Death Index, and all the facts that are available from that source. You've learned how to obtain an individual's application for Social Security card, whether or not they ever collected benefits. You've seen how these few vital facts can lead you to other richer sources. A social Social security number is a unique number assigned by the government to every US citizen. It has become the main identifying number in the US.

Many organizations check SSN validity when making decisions credit reference agencies and employers for example. Everything from marriage records to lease agreements are generally registered with a social security number associated with it. The answer to this question is: Endless Information.

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If you Search SSN by Name and Address or even if you just have a name and state of last residence, you can access a wealth of information. Try this search for yourself now.

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The preliminary results are free. Try a Search Now! Through a new exclusive partnership with PeopleFinders.

Perhaps most importantly as far as searching for someone is concerned — credit records are also linked to social security numbers, which means that any credit-related business and the addresses associated with them are all tied to that SSN.

find out a persons social security number Find out a persons social security number
find out a persons social security number Find out a persons social security number
find out a persons social security number Find out a persons social security number
find out a persons social security number Find out a persons social security number
find out a persons social security number Find out a persons social security number

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