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Fifth Judicial District of Pennsylvania

Total Views: 1,, Recording Phone Calls and Conversations. California Recording Law. Total Views: , State Law: Recording. Using the Name or Likeness of Another. New York Recording Law. Texas Recording Law. Prior to their hearing, defendants are interviewed by the Public Defender, who communicate with family members, community contacts, and employers in preparation for the hearing. Private Counsel also arrange bail related interviews with their clients.

Those released from custody are provided detailed instructions from the judge, the assistant district attorney, the public defender and the pretrial service representative to ensure that they satisfy the conditions of their release and appear for the next court date.

As needed, defendants are instructed to report to Pretrial Services within two business days of the hearing and are connected with appropriate services. The Accelerated Misdemeanor Program AMP is an alternative to traditional prosecution methods that diverts offenders with low level misdemeanor arrests.

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AMP hearings are scheduled to district courtroom locations throughout the City. The cases are heard and disposed expeditiously with sentencing options of community service to be completed in the neighborhood where the crime occurred. The expansion of this program AMP 2 has resulted in increased sentencing options including guilty pleas, Section 17 and Section 18 adjudications. Alternative sentencing also addresses underlying behavior issues through court-ordered social service assessment and treatment.

The AMP unit has a community service representative in the courtroom to provide direction to offenders on completing their service hours, along with a list of court approved sites and contact information to report compliance. The Domestic Violence Diversion Program commenced operations in as a collaborative, two-tiered program to address anger management, underlying substance abuse and mental health related issues. In the courtroom, case managers assist clients with direct linkages to social services, such as, education, housing, clothing, employment, etc.

Judge Tosses Penn. Case, Challenges Legal Merit of Kids Climate Cases

The "Project Dawn" initiative is for women who are on bail or in custody on detainers or open prostitution cases. Municipal Court continues to work with the Commonwealth and Defender Association to address prostitution cases through a restorative approach by focusing on treatment, housing and ancillary services. Project Dawn operates with the dual goals of: 1 decreasing the number of non-violent offenders in Philadelphia county jails and 2 reducing recidivism for this population of women. Project Dawn strives to provide holistic and evidence based treatment options to its participants, supporting them through their recovery journeys by addressing mental health, substance abuse and significant trauma histories.

Project Dawn has also partnered Joseph J. Peters Institute JJPI to work with women in transition from abuse, addiction or incarceration in the early part of recovery and re-entry into society.

The Choice is Yours TCY is an innovative alternative to incarceration program that diverts non-violent felony drug offenders away from prison and toward positive social services and support. TCY strives to reduce recidivism rates and address the problem of prison overcrowding without compromising public safety. In partnership with Jewish Employment and Vocational Services JEVS , TCY's goals are to: 1 reduce the likelihood of recidivism among TCY participants; 2 reduce state and city costs by cutting the number of trials among the TCY target population; 3 reduce costs associated with pre-trial and post-trial incarceration; and 4 provide participants with the skills and training necessary to become productive, employable individuals without the stigma of a criminal conviction.

Participants engage in a variety of activities, including: job readiness training resume preparation, networking skills, interviewing and job search , computer classes, education and skills training GED, college and technical classes , community service, job placement and advancement, mentoring from community members, and regular check-ins progress listings with the TCY judge. Recognizing its success, additional funding was secured through the MacArthur Safety and Justice Challenge enabling additional participants the opportunity to enroll in the program.

Many of the mental health challenges brought before the Municipal Court have been centralized and streamlined. Operationally, the ability to centralize mental health cases for criminal defendants has proven beneficial in dealing with questions of competency and coordinating orders for mental health evaluations. At subsequent status hearings, the judge monitors defendants returned to the community. Through the collaborative efforts of the District Attorney and defense counsel, hundreds of cases have been monitored for treatment with prosecution eventually withdrawn.

Other cases have had non-trial dispositions requiring mental health supervision and treatment. Access to case managers and social workers supported clients in community placements. Rather than being detained in county custody, DAP provides individuals with an opportunity to address the underlying issues which placed them in jeopardy of committing a technical probation violation.

Case managers and probation officers are assigned to ensure compliance with treatment while on probation. The unit is staffed by law-trained masters who, in accordance with the Protection from Abuse Act, conduct ex-parte hearings and review facts to determine if a petition should be granted. The current complement of staff includes one supervisory master, ten per diem masters and ten clerical assistants on rotating shifts.

An average of 2, emergency protection from abuse petitions are approved annually, and referrals for victim services and emergency sites are provided to non-qualifying petitioners. The EPFA unit is available to petitioners when many other service agencies are closed and maintains a close collaborative working relationship with the Family Court Division. Toggle navigation. Unified Judicial System Criminal Dockets. The E-Filing System is Not available at this time We appreciate your patience as we continue to work on relaunching our electronic filing application.

The eJuror System is Not available at this time We appreciate your patience as we continue to work on relaunching the system.

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Preliminary Arraignment Courtroom. Philadelphia Treatment Court. Philadelphia Veterans Court.

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Early Bail Review.

us ferderal court public record pa Us ferderal court public record pa
us ferderal court public record pa Us ferderal court public record pa
us ferderal court public record pa Us ferderal court public record pa
us ferderal court public record pa Us ferderal court public record pa
us ferderal court public record pa Us ferderal court public record pa
us ferderal court public record pa Us ferderal court public record pa
us ferderal court public record pa Us ferderal court public record pa
us ferderal court public record pa Us ferderal court public record pa

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