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The differences between divorce, annulment and legal separation

In some states, it might not be possible for anyone other than one of the parties of the divorce to obtain certified records. In most cases, parents of one of the named individuals or other entities or individuals as specified by law, such as governmental or agency representatives, law enforcement professionals, or as the result of a court order, can obtain an authorized divorce record. Unlimited Divorce Records Searches and Reports Your membership includes as many divorce records searches and divorce records reports as you can run.

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Leave this field empty. Legal Separation. When one spouse moves out of the home, couples may be physically separated, but in the eyes of the law they are not legally separated. Legal separation requires an actual court action to put certain provisions in place. A legal separation provides a couple the option of living independently from each other both physically and financially. This agreement does not end a marriage, but it does require that things like a division of assets, child custody, and support be decided as if a marriage were actually being dissolved.

It requires the execution of a document that is legally binding and signed by both spouses. In addition, if there are children of the marriage, the court must have considered, approved or provided for child custody and entered an order for child support. In many cases, legal separation provides a much-needed time out that allows two people to try and resolve their issues in a less combative environment.

Stepping away can often times bring added perspective about what a couple will lose in a marriage and possibly give them time to heal from the issues that caused their marriage to come under stress. Spouses may also choose legal separation for religious reasons. Some religions do not look favorably upon divorce and staying married though legally separated puts less pressure on a couple who might otherwise be in conflict with their church and religious beliefs.

There are also financial benefits as well, such as being able to keep health insurance, or by continuing to file as a married couple on tax returns. If a person is not a U. Annulments can be granted in Alabama and mean that a marriage is considered null and void, as if it never happened. To be granted an annulment, strict requirements must be met and litigated in front of a judge.

Divorce is a permanent and legal end to a marriage. All ties are severed, assets are divided, custody and alimony issues are resolved, and each spouse goes their separate way after a final decree is issued. With a no-fault divorce, all that needs to be cited is that there is an irretrievable breakdown in the marriage. No other explanations are necessary. Alabama also allows a spouse to divorce by stating one of several acceptable reasons.

While a no-fault divorce is quicker and less expensive, a fault-based divorce may be a better option of the conduct that was alleged has a material impact on how the divorce is settled. In Alabama, you have several possible options you can pursue that will result in a divorce. Each one depends in large part on your relationship with your spouse and how well you can agree to work together to achieve a mutual goal.

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Once you have made the decision to divorce, determining what type of divorce you will pursue in Alabama is the most important thing you will decide because it will set the framework for everything else that comes after it. To learn more about your options for getting divorced in Alabama, be sure to check out our in-depth guide on the Types of Divorce.

No matter which kind of divorce you pursue in Alabama, the basic processes are all pretty much the same starting out.

Gather important information. To give yourself the best chance at achieving the best possible outcome, you need to be organized and proactive when it comes to pulling together the information you will need. By doing so, you can ensure your rights are protected while also saving time, money and anxiety for the next steps in your divorce. Complete the initial paperwork.


Alabama Vital Records

After you decide what kind of divorce you will pursue, you will need to fill out several forms and submit them to start your Alabama divorce. An attorney can help you with this process, making sure that you are using the right forms and that they are filled out correctly. But if you are going to complete forms by yourself, which many people do, there are several possible forms you will need to submit.

You will need to make sure that you are also filling out your forms in the correct county. At a minimum, you will need to complete a Complaint for Divorce that will provide details on the issues you want settled such as dividing assets, child support and custody, alimony and other related items. If children are part of the divorce, you will need to complete several additional forms as well.

If you are attempting to go through an uncontested divorce, you should also be prepared to submit a marital settlement agreement.

Where to Write for Vital Records - District of Columbia

If you want help completing paperwork, you may be able to access legal aid societies to assist you. Court personnel are not able to provide legal advice, but they will check to make sure your forms are completed properly. File your forms. In Alabama, you must file forms at the Circuit Court of the county where the defendant lives, or in the Circuit Court of the county where the parties lived when the separation occurred. When the defendant is a non-resident of Alabama, the plaintiff a resident of Alabama for six months prior to the filing of the divorce action.


This information can also be found in Census Records. Tracing your ancestor through City Directories can be helpful as well. Seek out the marriage records for all family members. When you find a record in a marriage index, always follow up and request the original record. Click on the database title and the source information and description on the collection page will tell you where the records are held.

Free printable Divorce Certificate Request for Forms

Keep in mind that when civil registration first began, not everyone complied immediately.

certificate of divorce for alabama Certificate of divorce for alabama
certificate of divorce for alabama Certificate of divorce for alabama
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Certificate of divorce for alabama

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