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March 14 , After returning to Hollywood on the 12th, Elvis and party take a train to Dallas on the 14th and then set off on the mile dive to Memphis, renting a string of Cadillacs.

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March 19 , Elvis and Anita Wood looked at new auto-mobiles. Elvis is spending his last week at home before induction into the army March In a cleaver marketing move, Elvis is 'commissioned' as a ' Kernel ' by popcorn tycoon Jim Blevins on the pretext that his pictures have sold more popcorn than any other films in and March 21 , Elvis buys a Ford for Anita Wood as a going-away present. March 24, , at AM, Elvis, accompanied by his parents and a group of family and friends, reports to the Memphis Draft Board. From there, he and twelve other recruits were bused to Kennedy Veterans Memorial Hospital.

There, Elvis is assigned army serial number 53 , and after his physical is put in charge of the group. After being processed and sworn in, Elvis said his good-byes and Private Presley was bused with the others from Memphis to Fort Chaffee, Arkansas for further processing. Within days, Elvis' manager Colonel Tom Parker received 5, pieces of mail sent to Elvis at Fort Chaffee and mail continued to pour in for the famous soldier.

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May 28 , Private Presley has earned a marksman's medal with a carbine and achieved 'sharpshooter' level with a pistol and has been named acting assistant leader of his squad. Elvis arrived home at Graceland late in the evening. June 1 , Elvis is home at Graceland on furlough and enjoys some time with family and friends. Elvis explains the insignia on his uniform to fans at the gates of Graceland Sunday evening June 1, RCA had continued to push for more sessions before Elvis shipped out to Germany in September, and the Colonel reluctantly agreed to both a recording session and a photo session during this two week furlough.

June 10 , Elvis managed to squeeze in a quick Nashville recording session, his last session until the spring of after his discharge from active duty. June 14 , Elvis returned to Fort Hood for ten weeks of advanced tank training. June 26 , Elvis' mother and father moved temporarily to Killeen, Texas near the base. Elvis applied for and received permission to live off base with them - off-base living being an option any G. Elvis obtained a three-bedroom trailer home and moved there with his parents, grandmother Minnie Mae, and friend Lamar Fike.

July 1 , When the trailer became a little too cramped, following the arrival of cousins Gene and Junior Smith, Elvis simply rented a house where he could stay with his family on the weekends while undergoing advanced tank training during the week. Friends would drop by, and Gladys would prepare food for everyone. July 2 , 'King Creole' Elvis' fourth motion picture opens nationally and the reviews are the best he will ever have for his acting.

It becomes a top five film at the box office. This is Elvis in his prime — The film will come to be regarded as one of the best Elvis movies, his greatest acting performance, and proof of his potential to have become a respected serious actor, though the realization of this desire will remain forever out of his grasp. As her condition worsens Elvis insists that she do something about it, putting his parents on a train to memphis so that she can see her personal physician, Dr. Charles Clarke. Gladys Presley becomes ill and returns to Memphis via train to be hospitalized with acute hepatitis.

Elvis is granted emergency leave and arrives in Memphis on the afternoon of August He visits her that night, and the next day and night. A few hours after Elvis goes home to Graceland to rest, she dies in the early hours of August 14 at age Her body lies in state at Graceland that afternoon.

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She is laid to rest at Forest Hill Cemetery, close to Graceland. Elvis is devastated. August 9 , Responding to an Presley from Graceland to Methodist Hospital, where her condition is listed as grave. August 12 , After more effort than it would take for any ordinary soldier, including calls from Gladys' Doctor to military personnel in Washington and Elvis' desperate threat to go AWAOL, Elvis is finally granted emergency leave, flying from Fort Worth to Texas with Lamar Fike and going straight to the hospital.

Elvis Presley: August, - Methodist Hospital. August 13 , Vernon remains at his wife's side throughout the night, while Elvis after spending the evening at home, returns in the morning and again in the afternoon, not leaving until close to midnight. August 14 , At approximately 3. Both Elvis and Vernon are inconsolable. In the early afternoon with hundreds of fans at the gates, Gladys is brought home to Graceland.

Elvis wants the funeral conducted at the house but the Colonel convinces Elvis that security will not be able to be effectively maintained and arrangements are made to have the service at The Memphis Funeral Home. August 15 , Gladys funeral is held at pm. Elvis sobbed hysterically while Gladys' favourite gospel group, the Blackwood Brothers, performed at the service in the Memphis Funeral Home, and he was equally inconsolable at her Forest Hill Cemetery grave site, crying out, 'Oh God, everything I have is gone'.

Elvis leans over the grave, crying out, inconsolably, 'Goodbye, darling, goodbye. I love you so much. You know how much I lived my whole life just for you'. The mourning continued through the next few days as Elvis was granted extended leave.

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Evidently his fans were grieving too -- they sent him more than , cards and letters, around telegrams, and more than floral arrangements to express their sympathy for his loss. August 16 , Elvis insists upon attending the funeral of Red West's Father who died the previous day.

Le interviste

August 18 , Elvis' seven-day leave is extended for five more days, during which the Memphis Highway Patrol tries to cheer Elvis up by giving him helicopter rides over Graceland and the city. August 24 , Elvis returns to Fort Hood, leaving instructions that nothing is to be altered in his mothers room while he is gone. September 22 , The troop train arrives in Brooklyn at 9. Along the way, Colonel Tom Parker organized a press conference when Elvis' troop train arrived in Brooklyn, New York, at which he answered questions about his army duty, his music, and his Mom.

He offered a heartfelt account of his continued mourning to the assembled reporters: 'Everyone loses their mother, but I was an only child, and Mother was always right with me all my life. And it wasn't only like losing a mother, it was like losing a friend, a companion, someone to talk to. I could wake her up any hour of the night if I was worried or troubled about something After the press conference Elvis boarded the U.

Randall - he walks up the gangplank of the USS Randall eight times, toting a borrowed duffel bag, so the assembled photographers and camera men can all get a good shot. During the crossing Elvis and Charlie Hodge became fast friends. They bunked together at Elvis' request and Charlie cheers him up with jokes and tales of show business.

Together they are put in charge of a shipboard talent show in which Elvis plays piano in the back up band at the Colonels explicit instructions, he does not sing while Charlie acts as MC. Rockin' The Randall - Elvis plays piano on the U. Upon arrival he was assigned to the Ray Kaserne barracks. He served in Company C, a scout platoon.

In West Germany, there was another press conference and further meet-and-greets during the first few days. Vernon and his mother, Minnie Mae -- whom Elvis had affectionately called 'Dodger' ever since she had ducked away from a ball he had thrown at her as a child -- set up residence with Elvis and his friends Red West and Lamar Fike in a couple of hotels: one in Bad Homburg, near Frankfurt; the other in Bad Nauheim, about 20 minutes from the base.

Randall AP in He and 1, other American soldiers were on their way to Bremerhaven. To enjoy them. I like everything about a vinyl record. Feel of it. I buy both new remastered and old original prints. I have let only a few friends borrow 1 or 2 of my vinyls. I love to take care of my things.

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Unfortunately most people are careless. Yeah a good artcover makes it nicer. I do listen to a lot of digital music on my iPhone. But vinyl just brings out a different type of feeling. I like to touch them and they look nicer. I love it. I hope it keeps growing and growing. Save the culture. Play Vinyl!!! We would kill time before the shows at local record stores and the bug began. It was The Strokes — Room on Fire, bought in the winter of I was Grateful Dead, prog rock, jam bands, classic rock, electronic jam, pop punk, alternative, blues, soul, bluegrass, folk and so much more!

I do have lots of colored records, I love getting limited releases on record store day that are splattered with color or two tone in color! My favorite singer is Daniel Johns from the band Silverchair. My favorite musician is guitarist Trey Anastasio from the band Phish. I prefer full albums, nothing beats listening to an album from end to end.

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Oh yes, as a kid my brother and I would drive out to Colorado from Texas in the summers. We would listen to the Beatles white album over and over again! I vividly remember looking out the window over the landscapes and singing ever word of that album especially Ob-la-di, ob-la-da! Also at local thrift stores and estate sales!

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Usually relief if I have been hunting it down for a while. I keep a list in my phone of vinyls I am looking for, always exciting crossing one off! I listen to my records all day every day! I even created my own hashtag on Instagram and post the current album I am listening too!

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  6. I love all these things! Nothing is better when u tear into a new vinyl, that smell of fresh pressed vinyl.

    vinyl record swaps for girl scouts Vinyl record swaps for girl scouts
    vinyl record swaps for girl scouts Vinyl record swaps for girl scouts
    vinyl record swaps for girl scouts Vinyl record swaps for girl scouts
    vinyl record swaps for girl scouts Vinyl record swaps for girl scouts
    vinyl record swaps for girl scouts Vinyl record swaps for girl scouts
    vinyl record swaps for girl scouts Vinyl record swaps for girl scouts
    vinyl record swaps for girl scouts Vinyl record swaps for girl scouts
    vinyl record swaps for girl scouts Vinyl record swaps for girl scouts
    Vinyl record swaps for girl scouts

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