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Municipalities Act No. Municipalities Consequential Amendment Act, No.

Northern Municipalities Amendment Act, No. Planning and Development Amendment Act, No. Regional Parks Amendment Act, No. Bethany College Amendment Act, , Fountain of Life School of Ministry Inc. Act, Concentra Trust Act, , Saskatoon Foundation Amendment Act, , Soeurs de la Charite de St. Louis Repeal Act, Birthdays See also Centenarians. Veroba, Beatrice, Macoun, 85 th birthday party, member's statement. Reservations, Katina Chapman, author, book launch, Estevan, member's statement. Saskatchewan: a New History, by Dr.

Bill Waiser, University of Saskatchewan history department, member's statement. Saskatchewan Book Awards, Saskatchewan-United States, federal jurisdiction, Brewing industry See Beer. Sonntag, , , Wall, , , Skytrail, Outlook, pedestrian bridge, part of Trans Canada Trail, official opening May 15, , member's statement. Western Canadian Broomball Championships November , Odessa, host community, member's statement.

Balanced, challenges, 6. Balanced, 11 th consecutive, General Revenue Fund, Characteristics, , Calvert, , Wall, , Costs, long-term, reduced, Deficit, 94 , 97 , , , , , , , , , , , , Effects, Decline, Rural Saskatchewan, Reaction, , , Leader-Post column, Bob Hughes April 2, , member's statement.

Crime and Deviance in Canada: Historical Perspectives - PDF Free Download

Balanced, , , Balanced, 12 th consecutive, , , , , , Capital expenditure, , , Deficit, , , , , , , Historical , Response, media, , , Yates, , , Budget March 31, See also Specific subjects. Budget motion debate, defer for interim supply resolutions and Appropriation Bill, moved Van Mulligen. Debate, , , , , , Krawetz, , Taylor, , Yates, , Budget March 23, See also Specific subjects. Belanger, , Cheveldayoff, , Moved Van Mulligen to resume debate March 24, , Eaton catalogue house, relocation to Eatonia, member's statement.

Government, upgrades, energy efficiencies, , Multi-purpose facility, Exhibition Park, Regina, funding, , , Provincial laboratory, replacement, funding, , , , , , George Orthodox Cathedral, Regina, 90 th anniversary , member's statement. Bullying See Schools - Anti-bullying strategy. Action Swift Current, business promotion group, awards, member's statement. Action Swift Current, business promotion group, national award, member's statement.

Biggar, Leaps and Bounds annual event, leisure services, keynote address, member's statement. Regina, Paragon Awards , business excellence, member's statement. Contributions, social assistance, Corporations, economic contributions, government relationships. Corporations, The Financial Post, top , Saskatchewan representation, member's statement.

Costs, increase, Ground Effects, cleaning system for contaminated land, Sean Frisky, owner, awards, member's statement. Junior Achievement Awards, banquet, Saskatoon April 1, , member's statement. Manufacturing and processing See Manufacturing industry; Processing industry. Novlan Bros. Sales, Paradise Hill, 75 th anniversary , member's statement. Outfitting, site development, approvals, regulations, Outfitting, Tobin Lake, changes, amendments, government department approval, Prince Albert, Flaman store, grand opening March 21, , member's statement.

Provincial sales tax increase, effect, Lautermilch, Saskatchewan Young Professionals and Entrepreneurs conference, Saskatoon March 16, , member's statement. Taxation, review See Taxation - Business, review, independent committee. Young Entrepreneurs of Saskatchewan program, 5 , 25 , 86 , 96 , , , , , , Royal Canadian Army Cadets, No.

Hansard Subject Index - 1st Session, 25th Legislature

Canadian agricultural income stabilization program See Agriculture - Canadian agricultural income stabilization program. Canadian agricultural skills services program See Agriculture - Canadian agricultural skills services program. North Saskatchewan Regiment, appointment, Bob Stromberg, honorary lieutenant colonel, member's statement. Saskatchewan Dragoons, centennial reunion, Moose Jaw May , , member's statement.

Canadian farm income program See Agriculture - Canadian farm income program. Canadian Light Source Inc. Economic potential, Opening, research, innovation, 4. Project, , Project, funding, Cathy Lynn Borbely, Regina, first woman president, member's statement. Support, mandate of orderly grain marketing, affirm, moved Trew ; amendment Stewart.

Support, mandate of orderly grain marketing, affirm, moved Trew ; amendment Stewart ; questions and comments. Breast of Friends fundraiser, Foam Lake November 22, , member's statement. Mammography screening program, delivery, equipment, accreditation, Mammography screening program, delivery, equipment, accreditation, North Battleford, Power of Pink fundraiser, Regina April 28, , member's statement. Cervical cancer screening program, Cervical cancer screening program, information, privacy, Bakken Lackey, Surgery, waiting times See Hospital waiting lists - Surgery - Prostate cancer.

Cattle industry See also Meat processing industry. Compensation, , , , , , , , Crisis, 30 , , , , , Import ban, United States, international negotiations, Saskatchewan role, Support, , Export to Alberta, 96 , Feedlots, set-aside program, , , Grazing, forest fringe land, permit land, taxation, Low-interest cash advance program, industry stabilization, herd numbers retention, Saskatchewan Party proposal, petitions, Producers, financial support, Saskatchewan pasture program, client breeding program, Celebrating Community centennial grant program See Centennials - Saskatchewan - Celebrating Community centennial grant program.

Gravesite restoration project, Randy Van De Sype, member's statement. Centenarians See also Birthdays. Eberhardt, Emma, Lang, th birthday, congratulations, member's statement. Gomersall, Bill, Galilee district south of Moose Jaw, th birthday, congratulations, member's statement. Grandy, Helen, Oxbow, th birthday, congratulations, member's statement. Perkins, Myrtle L. Hopkins, Sylvia Birnie, member's statement. Steeves, Agnes, Carnduff, th birthday, congratulations, member's statement. Wilson, Jessie, Elrose, th birthday, congratulations, first honorary citizen of Elrose, member's statement.

Centennial merit scholarship program See Education, post-secondary - Centennial merit scholarship program. Centennial summer student employment program See Employment - Centennial summer student employment program. Battleford, Battleford, Governor's Ball June 15, , member's statement. Saskatchewan, 3 , 21 , 68 , , , Celebrating Community centennial grant program, Indian Head flag project, funding.

Community celebrations, Legislative Assembly marks first sitting in centennial year by honouring Saskatchewan, moved Calvert ; amendment Krawetz ; subamendment Hamilton. Forbes, , Tree planting, project idea for children, Chair, members' remarks should be directed through the Chair, Noise level, , , , , , , , Language, unparliamentary, , Conversations, private, behind bar, , Extracurricular comments dangerously close to being unparliamentary, Follow rules of parliamentary procedure, No personal attacks on individuals, Personal comments degenerating to insults, Restrain comments while member is speaking, Treat honourably, Additional spaces, 3 , , , , , , Child Care Saskatchewan, Funding, , , , , , Child Care Week in Saskatchewan May , , member's statement.

Local News

Workers, training, salaries, Abused, court case, Saskatoon, commentary on StarPhoenix newspaper report. Child nutrition and development program, , , , , Chili for Children, Regina, gala dinner, art auction May 7, , member's statement. Early development, KidsFirst program, Early development, KidsFirst program, funding, , , , , , , , , , National Missing Children's Day May 25, , member's statement. Poverty, rate, Nurturing, Regina Children's Festival, 17 th annual June , , member's statement.

Saskatchewan Centennial peace project, Grant Road and Kitchener public schools, Regina, member's statement. Saskatchewan Child Benefit, Saskatchewan Child Benefit, increases, , , Underprivileged, community assistance, Vaccines See Health care - Funding - Vaccines, childhood. Elk velvet, Korean market, Testing, certification, Testing, funding, , George Orthodox Cathedral, Regina.

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Competitiveness study , KPMG, Inter-city comparisons , Regina, downtown, recognition, Flare magazine, prairie dog magazine, member's statement. Communities initiative, Communities initiative, funding, , Neighbourhoods, safety, security, legislation, 6 , City plan, Raymond Moriyama, Opportunities, potential, Riverfront development project, funding, , South downtown development project, funding, Swift Current, residents, arts and sports achievements, member's statement.

Citizen patrols See Cities and towns - Safety. Watrous, Citizen of the Year , Ervin Gross, member's statement. Funding, reduced, reconsider, petitions, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , McMorris, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , First government, 60 th anniversary June 15, , member's statement. Davidson Co-operative, 90 th anniversary celebration April 14, , member's statement. Coal See Mining industry - Coal. Recommendations, funding, Recommendations, implementation, , , Terms of reference, Budget response, Response to recommendations, action plan, Creating a Healthy, Just, Prosperous and Safe Saskatchewan, ministerial statement.

Budget March 31, moved Van Mulligen that the Assembly approves in general the budgetary policy of the government, ; amendment Krawetz. Budget March 31, moved Van Mulligen to resume debate April 1, Main , votes, withdrawal from Committee of Finance, referral to committees. Van Mulligen, , Supplementary , votes, withdrawal from Committee of Finance, referral to committees.

driving around hamilton, ontario, canada/ james street north and the gore park area/ part 1

Speaker, Saskatchewan annual meeting and report, Hansard report, member's statement. Communications industry See also Emergency preparedness - FleetNet emergency radio system. Communities See Cities and towns; Villages and communities. BridgePoint Centre for Eating Disorders, funding, Goodeve and district, official opening March 20, , member's statement. Community colleges See Regional colleges. Community Initiatives Fund, Budget, increase, employees, increase, Vision, Committee of the Whole Assembly, Condolences See also Tributes.

Conservation cover program See Agriculture - Conservation cover program. Government work, tendering process, equality, Coronary care See Health care - Coronary care. Correction of printed errors in Hansard See Corrigenda. Inmates, comparative costs, Regina, Conditions, poor, Replacement, funding, , , , , , Corrections Exemplary Service Awards April 25, , member's statement. Correction of text on p.

frank steves registry offender hamilton canada Frank steves registry offender hamilton canada
frank steves registry offender hamilton canada Frank steves registry offender hamilton canada
frank steves registry offender hamilton canada Frank steves registry offender hamilton canada
frank steves registry offender hamilton canada Frank steves registry offender hamilton canada
frank steves registry offender hamilton canada Frank steves registry offender hamilton canada

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